3:39pm Accident on Thornton Rd.  Officer responds and says it is probably related to the transformer that blew.

3:42pm  Mechanical breakdown.  10-28

3:43pm  Residential alarm.

3:43pm BOLO for man.

3:44pm  Accident earlier at mall at Bed Bath & Beyond.

3:47pm  Traffic light at Lee & Hwy 92 out.

3:48pm Accident at Wal-Mart on Concourse.

3:48pm Business alarm.

3:50pm Wrecker needed for mechanical breakdown.

3:51pm Residential alarm at apartment complex.

3:52pm  Officers still looking for man.

3:56pm Traffic light at Hwy 92 & 166 is out.

3:59pm Man may have been spotted.

3:59pm Domestic problem reported.

4:01pm Man was involved in a larceny at gas station.  Officer taking suspect to gas station to see if this is the man involved.

4:03pm Residential alarm.

4:04pm Residential alarm.

4:08pm Alarm at a church on Dorsett Shoals.

4:10pm Business alarm.

4:11pm One person arrested.

4:12pm BOLO for a vehicle.

4:15pm One person arrested.