Someone (I’m not going to print his name) asked the AJC what the FIND UNIT was in Douglas County:

Q: When traveling west on I-20 there is nearly always at least one black law enforcement vehicle around Douglasville with “F.I.N.D. UNIT” on the side. What does F.I.N.D. signify, and is it a local, state or federal unit?

*****, Marietta

A: F.I.N.D. stands for “Felony Interception and Narcotic Detection.” The unit mainly patrols I-20, a major corridor for criminal activity, according to Chief Deputy Stan Copeland of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Its job is to look out for drug traffickers, recover stolen vehicles and intercept criminals. F.I.N.D. was started in 2002 by Douglasville police and the Douglas County sheriff.