12:26pm One by number.

12:30pm One vehicle accident near a restaurant.  No injuries.

12:34pm The 12:30pm accident is past the restaurant and is in a ditch.

12:34pm Someone locked their keys in their vehicle.

12:36pm Someone possibly discharging firearms in Chestnut Log subdivision.

12:37pm I’m now hearing the fire department on the scanner.  They went to check out a house, but it appears it’s okay.

12:40pm I think I’m also hearing the Douglasville Police Dept. now.

12:43pm Suspicious vehicle was actually someone out of gas.

12:44pm 10-28

12:52pm Possible hit and run already occurred.

12:53pm One by name and DOB.

12:57pm Apparently a post office was having difficulties opening a postal store or a post office box or something.

1:04pm Kid playing on phone has called 911.

1:17pm My scanner feed stopped, so I had to restart it–sounds like they might be looking for someone.

1:19pm Miscommunication as to where police are supposed to escort a funeral procession.

1:26pm Accident on Post Rd.

1:30pm Car now out of ditch.

1:33pm Reckless on I-20 Westbound.

1:39pm 10-27 and 10-28

1:46pm Accident in front of First National Bank of Georgia at The Landing.  Two vehicles involved.

1:49pm Sounded like dispatcher said a truck was blocking a lane on I-20.

1:49pm Red-light at Lee & I-20 is malfunctioning.

1:50pm Someone locked their keys in their vehicle at a motel.

2:01pm Accident I-20 Westbound.  Two vehicles involved, is in inside lane.

2:02pm Someone’s been arrested.

2:03pm Another accident on I-20 involves injuries and an overturned vehicle.

2:04pm Tractor trailer jackknifed–sounds like dispatcher said it was in the middle of the road.

2:06pm Fire “person” directing traffic into emergency lane–ALL lanes blocked.

2:07pm Interstate now closed east of South Baggett.

2:11pm Transporting prisoner to PD.

2:11pm Shoplifter not in custody–not sure what store.

2:13pm Shoplifter now in custody.

2:19pm Police now trying to stop people from going up the entrance ramp on Post Road.

2:20pm Someone’s been arrested.

2:23pm GA DOT saying the tractor-trailer accident involves multiple vehicles.