I live in the Bill Arp area–I have for over twenty years.  I’ve always thought that it included Alexander Parkway, Mason Creek, Pool Road, Banks Mill, Dorsett Shoals, Big A, and Kilroy Lane, and all the back roads that intertwine these roads.

Mike Hughes, in his comment to the other post about this, brought up a good point.  Those who moved here moved here because it was a small town community and because it had very few businesses and very little traffic and it was a safe community.  For the most part, it is still a safe community.

This post is a petition against the grocery store.  To sign it, simply post a comment.  If you’re opposed to a grocery store coming into the Bill Arp Community because you moved here to live in a small town, post a comment.  If you’re opposed to it because you live in a subdivision and it will be yards away from you, post a comment.  If you’re opposed to it because it will increase traffic and/or crime, post a comment.  Full names will be appreciated, but if you don’t want to post your full name, just put your first name and your last initial.  Also post why you do not want a grocery store in Bill Arp.  You also might suggest what could be put on the property instead of a grocery store.  Perhaps a library?  A farmer’s market?  A feed/garden supply store?  This is still a rural area, after all, especially down Pool Road, and I know of several people who have large vegetable gardens and many have horses, cows, or even goats.  At the end of the month I’ll email the BOC and the P&Z Board and direct them to this petition.