Okay, I know there’s no such thing as “cheap” gas anymore, but I do know where you can save a few pennies–even get it for $3.84.  I found this list by going to http://autos.msn.com/everyday/GasStations.aspx?m=1&l=1&zip=30135&x=18&y=12  They update the list every night.

Top 5 Cheapest Gas Stations in 30135 (Unleaded)
1) Kroger @ Chapel Hill–$3.849 (Kroger also has a program with their saver card where you can save $.10 a gallon if you spend $100 a month–so if you did that, it would be $3.749)
2) Texaco @ 9318 Hwy 5–$3.929
3) Quik Trip @ Chapel Hill–$3.929
4) Econo Flash in Bill Arp–$3.939
5) Shell @ 7620 Dallas Hwy–$3.959