The semester is winding down so for the next few weeks (save for one weekend that I will be out of town for a much-needed vacation) I’ll be able to listen to the scanner more.

11:37pm Someone arrested—drugs involved.  Overdose.
11:39pm  Domestic problem.
11:40pm  Domestic problem.
11:40pm Juvenile complaint.
11:42pm EMS called for overdose.
11:44pm call holding b/c no available officers—suspicious person or vehicle in a subdivision.
11:47pm 10-28
11:50pm One domestic dispute from earlier has ended.
11:52pm 10-28 (2) in Lithia Springs.
11:54pm 10-27
11:57pm Lost property reported.
11:58pm 10-28 on I-20.  I don’t think this was a FIND vehicle.
11:59pm 10-28
11:59pm Transporting prisoner to ER.
12:03am 10-29
12:03am Suspicious person walking on sidewalk.
12:04am Vehicle on side of a road with a flat tire.
12:04am Two officers answered a call.  Dispatcher asked if officer was aware that another officer was enroute and he said yes.
12:05am 10-28
12:06am 10-28
12:06am One by number.
12:08am Someone’s license is suspended.
12:09am An officer issued a warning.