I went back to Clinton Nature Preserve today with my camera to see if anything had been done to the things I took pictures of in the children’s play garden.  Nothing has been done.  The split fence slat is still there, and it looks like someone has been pulling at it a little–I took another picture.  I’ve also included pictures of things you can see at the park–it really is, despite its flaws, a great treasure of Douglas County.  You can find the new pictures at http://community.webshots.com/album/563830706JlUZoa?vhost=community .  I bought a new digital camera this weekend so the pictures should look a little sharper.  I also uploaded a video of one of the trails you can walk/bike on.  They have several trails that intersect into each other.  Some are stroller-friendly, some aren’t–some go up and down steep hills.  Some maintenance does need to be done on some trails–the rain (yes, I know we haven’t had much but it’s been enough) has been eroding them.  The creek needs to be cleaned up–there are fallen trees going over the creek (and into the creek).