For all those who were disappointed when Burger Market closed, have hope–it’s returned.  I don’t know if it’s actually called Burger Market now, but all the locals, I’m sure, will call it Burger Market because that’s what it was for so many years.  I passed by it on my way to Lithia Springs Public Library.  I saw the sign outside and it said vine ripe tomatoes.  On my way back, I stopped.  Flanking the entrance are HUGE $5 Georgia seedless watermelons.  When I stopped a woman had just bought one and placed it inside her car, and as I was leaving another woman was on her cellphone commenting to a friend how big they were. 

Inside you can find vine ripe tomatoes (99 cents a pound!!), Vidalia onions, Texas sweet onions, HUGE bags of green peanuts, bell peppers, plums, South Carolina peaches ($1.59 a pound), black eyed peas still in their hulls, sweet potatoes, garlic, yellow corn, silver queen corn, and probably several other things I’m forgetting.  The entire left side of the store is empty save for some empty market baskets–all the produce is on the right side.  But well worth going to if you need some fresh produce.  Here’s hoping they expand their selection to include more produce.