I think the $2 million grant for the Fairplay Public Library was included in the FY 2009 state budget–but I don’t know if it was approved or not.

I went to the Lithia Springs Library today and noticed a sign in front of the DVDs.  It said that due to DVD theft, the library would only be purchasing educational DVDs from now on.  So to whomever stole DVDs from the library, thanks for ruining this for everyone.  This library purchased recent movies as well as Britcoms (British comedies) as well as tv series.  They have a HUGE collection of DVDs and it could have become a lot bigger.  I actually prefer the Lithia Springs Library over the Douglas County Library (and it seems like a LOT of people do, because it was pretty crowded when I was there today) because they seem to have a bigger budget when it comes to purchasing new books.  Every time I go there I find several new books I’ve been wanting to read.  They also have an aisle of VHS videos for sale for $1 as well as some books and CDs for sale.

BrochureAs I was leaving, I noticed a brochure on the table in the lobby.  On the front of this brochure was an illustration of a two-story library.  Underneath are the words “rendering of future Douglas County Library”.  There was no information inside the brochure as to when this possible future library will be built.  Not sure if this will be the Fairplay Library or not, because I had heard that it would be about the same size as the Douglas County Library.  Maybe this is something the county hopes to gain with a possible SPLOST referendum in September?  Rumor has it there will be another in order to pay for the jail.  You can see a picture of the front of the brochure at http://news.webshots.com/photo/2638637030103568294jtxRjE

Also, the library hours have been shortened by four hours a week.  From Monday-Thursday, the two county libraries now close at 8 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.