4:12pm Officer trying to get a vehicle off I-20.  One lane is blocked.
4:15pm Officer wants current temp and heat index. 
4:15pm Domestic problem reported.
4:17pm Threats reported.
4:19pm Domestic problem reported.
4:20pm Temp—89, feels like 91.
4:22pm Intoxicated driver last seen in a mobile home park.
4:23pm  Animal control being requested.
4:24pm Dog in vehicle with windows up.
4:24pm Juveniles causing damage.
4:26pm EMS needed.
4:27pm Sounded like the dispatcher said there was an accident in front of Kohl’s.
4:27pm Alarm, residential.  Call is on hold because there are no available officers.
4:28pm Intoxicated driver on Chapel Hill Road.
4:48pm One person has been arrested.
4:49pm 10-28
4:52pm Juvenile standing in the middle of the road.
4:53pm People sitting in chairs on the side of the road selling stuff.
4:54pm 10-28 (2)
4:55pm Threats reported.

7:58pm One person has been arrested.
7:59pm 10-28
8:00pm Vehicle hit guardrail on I-20.  Person possibly injured.  Police enroute.  EMS also enroute.
8:03pm Accident on Kings Hwy.  Two vehicles involved.
8:04pm Suspicious subject behind Douglas Crossing shopping center.
8:04pm 10-28
8:05pm GSP (Georgia State Patrol) enroute to accident.
8:05pm 10-28
8:06pm 10-28
8:06pm Someone’s insurance is expired.
8:07pm 10-28 (2—one in state and one out of state)
8:09pm Domestic problem reported.
8:09pm Assault reported.
8:12pm 10-28
8:16pm 10-28
8:16pm 10-28
8:19pm Mechanical breakdown on I-20.
8:20pm Someone’s been arrested.
8:20pm Residential alarm.
8:21pm Trespassing reported.
8:22pm  Person walking around trying to sell something and is also looking for grasshoppers.
8:27pm 10-28 on I-20.
8:29pm 10-28 on I-20. Out of state.
8:36pm Officer getting a bag of garbage off the road.
8:37pm Alarm at a mobile home park.
8:38pm Threats reported.
8:39pm 10-28
8:39pm 10-28
8:39pm Someone stole a lawnmower.
8:40pm Somebody is selling gas for 40 cents (not sure if this is the right price, it could have been $1.40 or $2.40)and it is causing a traffic problem.
8:41pm Someone is discharging fireworks or firearms at power lines.
8:45pm 10-28