6:03pm 10-28
6:05pm Intoxicated driver on Chapel Hill Road past Publix.
6:09pm Loose pit bull.
6:12pm One by name and DOB.  Out of state.
6:12pm 10-28
6:13pm Domestic problem reported.
6:14pm Accident with injuries near Brickleberry Way
6:14pm People vandalizing Flagview Mobile Home Park.
6:17pm People asked to leave (didn’t hear from where) and they won’t.
6:18pm Assault reported.
6:19pm Accident on Hwy 92 in front of Auto Glass.
6:20pm Someone stole a purse from a vehicle.
6:20pm 10-28 (out of state)
6:22pm An officer is directing traffic.
6:23pm Kids on Bright star trying to collect money for baseball apparently in the middle of the road.
6:24pm Officer says kids on Bright Star are not in road.
6:25pm Wrecker needed for a vehicle on Chapel Hill.
6:25pm 10-27, name and DOB. (out of state)
6:27pm 10-28
6:29pm Domestic problem at Red Lobster.

9:45pm Someone apparently wanted is in a hospital.
9:46pm BOLO lookout for three subjects wanted out of Douglas County poss. heading to Atlanta.
9:47pm BOLO reckless on I-20 near Fairburn Road.
9:48pm Suspicious people on a street.
9:49pm 10-28
9:49pm BOLO intoxicated driver.
9:51pm Intoxicated driver almost hit several cars.  Person is following vehicle updating police of location.
9:55pm Intoxicated driver exiting interstate and entering Hwy 5 and took a left.
9:56pm Person following vehicle decided not to follow them off the interstate.
9:59pm 10-28 (out of state)
10:03pm Someone’s been arrested.
10:06pm Reckless driver on Hwy 92.  Different one than earlier.
10:11pm 10-27 & 10-29
10:11pm Someone’s been arrested.
10:17pm Juveniles playing with fireworks or starting a fire.