This was transcribed from a video on  It aired at the top of the 6pm news.

The Douglasville Police Chief wants to know what happened to $6,000 and why 50 guns weren’t in the evidence room when they were supposed to be.  Now four officers are under scrutiny including a high ranking member of the department.  Channel 2 investigator Mark Winne just talked to the chief—he’s live in Douglas County with details.  Mark?

Mark:  “We’ll get to the bottom of it.”  That’s what the Douglasville Police Chief told me a short while ago.  He tells me there are two investigations, one an internal audit and one a criminal investigation.  Meanwhile he says keys have been collected and access codes have been changed for the evidence storage facility across the street.

Winne: How many people are under scrutiny in the criminal investigation?

Police Chief: Right now, four specifically are under scrutiny.

Winne: All police employees?

Police Chief:  All police employees.  Not necessarily because we think they did anything wrong.

Winne: Douglasville Police Chief Joe Whisenant says while searching an evidence area for some cash to return to a citizen at the end of a case, police found evidence of a problem.

Police Chief:  We discovered some evidence was missing when we were going to return it, uh, to a defendant.

Winne:  He indicated some seized money and an envelope of found money are both missing totaling about $6,000, and he says that an internal audit turned up another issue.

Police Chief:  We discovered that some weapons were not in the evidence, uh, room.

Winne:  Whisenant says about 50 guns were not in the evidence area that a high-ranking official ended up turning them in, and the official maintained they’d been in his office for eventual use in a display case.

Police Chief:  He will be interviewed later this week, uh, by the detective that’s handling the case and he has a polygraph set up next week by an independent polygrapher.

Winne:  Lot of pressure on this department to investigate this department.

Police Chief:  Yes, it is.

Winne:  The chief confirmed one of the guns was recovered stolen property that should have been returned long ago.

Winne: It’s evidence now in a second case.

Police Chief: Absolutely, it is, and it’ll be returned when we’re through with this case.

Winne: Whisenant says the money might have been misplaced during a move from an older evidence building to a newer evidence facility.  He says a bond issue is on the ballot in September for a new police headquarters, but the department is spread over seven buildings across several blocks.

(Now back live)

Winne:  Now Chief Whisenant says that high-ranking police official was unavailable today.  We wanted to speak to him today before broadcasting his name or showing specifically what building he was in, that sort of thing.  Again, the chief says he has no reason to believe that this official has committed any crime but he says no restrictions have been placed on the investigating detective.  He says the 50 or so guns are back in storage, back where they are supposed to be.