9:37pm Three people took someone’s car.
9:38pm sounds like some database on the officers’ laptops is down.
9:40pm Domestic problem reported.
9:41pm 10-28
9:41pm power is out somewhere.
9:45pm a police pulled over a reckless driver who possibly has drugs.
9:49pm fraud and larceny (two separate incidents) currently on hold—no available officers.
9:52pm someone passed a fake bill at a fast food place on Thornton Rd.  Has already fled scene.
9:53pm caller reporting the traffic light at Home Depot is both red and green at the same time.  Another officer replies that a lot of lights still aren’t working.
9:55pm Lights also broken at 5 and Arbor Parkway.
9:55pm 911 hangup.
9:57pm Man exited Wal-Mart on Concourse Pkwy, set alarm off, fled.
10:01pm Domestic problem reported.
10:02pm Someone threw something at a biker.
10:03pm Something about a dog.
10:03pm shots fired off Saddlebrook Way, witness saw people running.
10:04pm Business alarm.
10:05pm 10-28
10:05pm Person has run away from Inner Harbor.
10:07pm Car in front of dealership with doors open.
10:13pm  Officer in Saddlebrook.
10:16pm shots were actually fireworks.
10:22pm 10-28
10:23pm 10-27
10:24pm Someone’s been arrested.
10:28pm Juvenile complaint.
10:33pm an officer’s camera isn’t working.
10:34pm Accident—don’t know where. 
10:35pm Mechanical breakdown—10-28.
10:38pm Accident has possible injuries.
10:41pm 911 hangup—kid playing on phone.
10:42pm 10-28
10:45pm Someone inside a vacant house.
10:46pm Officer has possible suspect in custody.
10:46pm 10-28
10:47pm 10-27 (2)
10:49pm One by name and DOB.
10:50pm 10-28 (out of state)
10:52pm Person banging on someone’s door.
10:53pm Light at Rose Avenue flashing red, yellow, and green at the same time.
10:55pm Hit & run at Wal-Mart on Thornton.
10:56pm One by name and DOB (out of state).