12:43am 10-28
12:44am  Missing person reported.  Child.  Police enroute.
12:46am 10-28 (2)
12:47am 10-28 (out of state)
12:50am Child found and is ok.
12:51am 10-28 (out of state)
12:53am One by name and DOB.
12:54am 10-27 (out of state)
12:59am 10-28
12:59am Transport requested.
1:00am Residence alarm.
1:00am loud party/music reported.
1:01am Office enroute to a reported burglary.
1:02am Assault and robbery reported.
1:04am Someone’s been arrested.
1:04am   Person transporting liquor on Fairburn Road.
1:06am Mechanical breakdown on I-20.  10-28
1:13am Officer pulling over a dump truck that has a jeep in it.
11:18am BOLO for intoxicated driver @ Chapel Hill Rd & Central Church—person almost hit a car.
1:19am 10-28 (no tag)
1:20am 10-28
1:25pm Officer to patrol area for loud party/music.
1:26pm Wrecker requested.
1:27pm Person in the middle of the road.
1:27pm 10-28
1:28pm The party’s over.
1:30am 10-28 (I-20)
1:32pm 10-27
1:33pm Officer stopping an intoxicated driver.
1:36pm Domestic problem reported earlier.
1:37pm 10-28