The first part is from this afternoon…it started storming so I couldn’t post it.

5:15pm Residential alarm.

5:16pm Someone locked their keys in their car.

5:17pm city is wanting county to handle something.

5:18pm Residential alarm—panic alarm has been pushed.

5:20pm Someone’s been arrested.

5:24pm 10-28

5:27pm 10-28

5:29pm Two people attempted to sell someone drugs at a gas station on Fairburn Rd.

5:34pm 10-28

5:36pm Police have not found car of 5:29 incident suspects.

5:37pm 10-28


11:33pm 10-28
11:40pm 10-28 (2), 10-27

11:42pm  someone accidentally called 911.

11:44pm A fallen tree is blocking a driveway and the resident can’t get out of the driveway.

11:52pm 10-28

11:55pm 10-28 (out of state)

11:56pm  Three by number.

11:56pm One by number (out of state).

12:00am Domestic problem.

12:07pm 10-28

12:09am  10-28

12:12am 10-27

12:13am Officer requesting another officer.

12:14am Mechanical breakdown on I-20 westbound.

12:17am alarm at a business.

12:23am something about drugs in a vehicle, I think.

12:24am 10-28

12:26am One by name and DOB.

12:28am Hit & run I-20 at Six Flags just occurred.

12:29am 10-28

12:30am person jumped out of woods on Lee Road.

12:30am 10-28

12:32pm BOLO for suspect car of 12:28am incident.

12:40pm Officer reporting fallen tree.

12:41am 10-28

12:46am 10-28

12:46am 10-28

12:47am One by number and DOB.

12:50am Intoxicated driver on I-20 driving with brights on and weaving.

12:51am 10-28 (out of state)

12:52pm Intoxicated driver now on Fairburn Rd.

12:53am City officer has spotted driver in parking lot of old Pizza Hut.

12:53pm Two units joining officer who spotted driver.

12:54am Douglas County relating BOLO for intoxicated driver.

12:55am 10-28

12:55am 10-27

12:55am 10-28

12:57am 10-27, 10-28
1:06am  10-28

1:14am Alarm at a church.