3:48pm Residence alarm.

3:50pm 10-28

4:00pm Road rage reported.

4:02pm Accident at RaceTrac on Concourse Pkwy.  Two vehicles involved.

4:03pm Accident at Chapel Hill exit ramp from I-20.  Two vehicles involved.  Officer is allowing vehicles to move to a nearby church parking lot.

4:06pm BOLO reckless Fairburn Rd @ Pope Rd.  Dispatcher says it is a rolling domestic dispute.

4:07pm Accident in front of Target, cars moving to a restaurant parking lot.

4:11pm 10-28 (out of state)

4:12pm Car in department store parking lot possibly making noise.

4:13pm  Residence alarm.

4:15pm BOLO reckless Hwy 92 @ Pope Rd.

4:17pm 911 hangup—kid playing on phone.

4:20pm 911 hangup.

4:20pm Officer now responding to 4:07pm accident.

4:22pm 911 hangup.

4:25pm 10-28

4:26pm 10-28

4:27pm Fraud reported.

4:27pm I-20 Westbound—chair and other items blocking two lanes of traffic.

4:38pm 10-27 & 10-28

5:02pm Fight and domestic dispute.

5:04pm Business alarm.

5:06pm Silent hold-up alarm at Long John Silver’s.

5:09pm Someone possibly hanging out of passenger side of car.

5:10pm 10-28

5:11pm Business alarm at Comcast office.

5:12pm Dispatcher can’t get Long John Silver’s on the phone.

5:13pm Someone was trying to break down back door of Comcast because the person was mad they were closed.

5:17pm A 10-56 person trying to 10-64 services at Taco Mac.

5:17pm Accident w/ injuries, Hwy 5 @ Big A Road.

5:27pm Reckless intoxicated I-20 Westbound, holding beer.

5:27pm Reckless is one mile from Hwy 5.

5:28pm Because of traffic it has taken an officer three cycles to get through traffic light at Douglas Blvd.

5:29pm Officer now responding to Long John Silver’s silent alarm.