1:13pm Something’s happened at the mall. I keep hearing them give a description of a victim’s car.
1:15pm Accident on I-20 Westbound.
1:16pm I’m listening to the feed archives from 12:55pm-1:10pm.
Police looking for someone on a red bicycle.  Didn’t hear what person did.  Attempted something, maybe kidnapping or robbery?  Police said they didn’t get the person, which leads me to believe it was attempted kidnapping or carjacking.
1:28pm Going back to live feed.
1:28pm 10-28
1:29pm Police blocking off West Kellogg and need police to block off Dodson.
1:30pm Residence alarm.

Going to listen to scanner archives starting at 1:10pm.

Officer telling units to slow down.

Incident occurred in parking lot and security is unable to locate victim.

Happened at pole 19.

Fire chief requesting deputy at transportation center.

Police asking for video—officer says they’re working on it.

Police still looking for victim.

An address is given, I guess for victim.

Person taken from transportation center to sheriff’s office.

Police looking for victim, will be making announcement over mall p.a. system.

I confirmed announcement was made over p.a. system for victim.  Victim is female.  I’m not going to give out her name.

Victim is employee of a store in the mall.  Again, not going to give out the name of the store.

Victim has been found.

Suspect has possibly been apprehended.

Resume normal operations was announced.

Fire on Kellogg Circle.  Police officer is directing traffic.

The following starts at 1:26pm-1:41pm.

Officer asking another officer to bring a subject to a department store.

Bike has been found, most likely person riding it has been apprehended.