Found this in the Douglas County Happenings newsletter:

Thursday, August 21st: New Fairplay Community Library Survey Drop-in
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., New Covenant United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, Georgia Highway 5 at Giles Road ~ Fairplay Community residents are invited to drop-in and give their ideas about what should be included in the new 15,000-square foot Douglas County Public Library just funded for the Dog River property ~ Open to the Public

15,000 square feet is smaller than the Douglas County Library.  It’s about 24,000 square feet, I think.  And why is this survey being done on a weeknight?  Parents work and most likely they will not have a high turnout.  And why can’t this survey be put on the internet for those who would like to voice their opinion but can’t show up during the TWO hours this survey is being allotted?