10:16pm Police looking for someone in woods who has drugs.  Around Poplar.
10:22pm Canine is enroute to search location.
10:24pm Dispute at gas station.  Gas station won’t give person change from prepaying gas.
10:25pm Dog on the ground searching for suspect.
10:25pm Dispatcher just said 10-33 (EMERGENCY) until further.
10:32pm Police haven’t found suspect yet.
10:39pm Police are giving up on the search.
10:40pm Person in truck sitting at stop sign won’t move.
10:41pm Dispatcher just talked with officer who agreed to call 10-39 (resume normal operations).  They said the dog searched the entire area and couldn’t find anything.
10:42pm 4-5 teenagers jumped in front of a person’s car at the stop sign at Pool Rd & Liberty Rd.
10:43pm Someone got a bump on the head.  EMS enroute.
10:50pm Accident, didn’t hear where.
10:54pm 10-28
10:54pm Two people at a park.
10:55pm Two by name & DOB.
10:57pm 10-28
11:02pm 10-28
11:03pm Business alarm.  Officer asks call to be held until an officer is available.
11:04pm 10-28
11:05pm Business alarm at K-Mart.
11:06pm BOLO for reckless driver.  Didn’t hear what road.
11:09pm Something happened at K-Mart on Thornton Road.  Robbery, maybe.
11:11pm Someone in vacant house.  Officer asks call to be held.
11:11pm 10-27
11:12pm Someone missing.
11:13pm BOLO reckless driver Westbound I-20 @ Lee.  Person cut vehicle off and is speeding.
11:15pm Reckless driver just passed Fairburn Rd.
11:17pm 10-28
11:19pm Noise complaint at Creekwood.
11:25pm Dog howling at Creekwood—this is the noise complaint.  Officer responding.
11:26pm Person being harassed at work.
11:31pm Someone wanted for battery that is armed.  Dispatcher broadcasts a BOLO for person to all Douglas County officers.
11:31pm Party with reportedly hundreds of juveniles with underage drinking.  More than one unit requested.
11:33pm Alarm going off in a neighborhood.