This was an interesting editorial in the Sentinel today.

Why no Lithia Water?
By Robert Whatley

I finally put two and two together.  I had been drinking Perrier water for a while and wondered why I like it so much.  Then I found out.  The water is a cousin to some water that made Douglas County famous.  It contains lithium.  But our Lithia Springs water beats all.  It should be right up with other bottled water displays.  But it is not.  It would be a great example for a Chamber of Commerce “Shop at Home” theme.  I never quite understood the paradox.  And I am afraid to ask.

To those who are perhaps new to the area, there is a substance in the water at the Lithia Springs that first was heralded by prehistoric man, then by Spanish soldiers who came through and found the water to be invigorating and refreshing.  Then the Indians found out that strength could be enhanced by drinking it.  Even the deer sought for a drink.

Then when world got out to the world, a great hotel and sanatorium was built that attracted 30,000 a day to the springs at that little spot at the eastern edge of Douglas County.  Presidents, royalty, blue-blood families and famous celebrities came.  The Congress of Physicians convened and “treated” thousands with the water, from vapor baths to medicines mixed with the water.  Others just drank it and proclaimed cures for a whole hosts of diseases and sicknesses.

The chemists and scientists examined the water and found many substances inherent in the then world of medicine.  But medical science was lacking at the time, and no one knew exactly why people were proclaiming miraculous “cures” for their ills.

Then in the 1970s the drug Lithium was “invented” that helped millions with sicknesses.  Now you can purchase that drug from a pharmacy that sits where the grand hotel sat–just up from the sanatorium.  Now we know that the waters healed.  We were ahead of medicine by over 100 years.

There is a little additional footnote.  Dental problems seemed to ease with the drinking of the water.  Fluoride was the dentist.  But we did not learn.  There had to be a referendum in Atlanta in the 1950s to place the substance in the water.  A Communist conspiracy and mind control was touted as a possible result.  The referendum passed.  The waters again healed.

Why that water is not sold at that pharmacy or the many supermarkets in Douglas County is a thorny and sensitive question.  It has FDA approval.

So I will continue to drink a near equal and let the question of why we cannot enjoy it here wait for another day.  It seems odd that Lithia water is shipped now all over the world, and France ships theirs here.  I wonder if they drink Perrier water in the French town where the spring is.

Whatley is a resident of Lithia Springs.

Editor’s Note:  I’ve emailed Lithia Springs Water and asked them why the water isn’t sold here.  You can find their website at