It has been NINE months since current inspection scores were last seen on the Cobb & Douglas County Public Health website.  The same message is still on the page from this past April.  To find out a restaurant’s inspection score, you would have to actually GO to the restaurant, which defeats the purpose of being able to see them online.  I went to Martin’s last week–they have a 96. 

What’s their excuse in all these many months?  Does it take nine months to create a grid on a website to display restaurant scores?  Paulding County had theirs up almost immediately after the law was changed.

Oh, and btw, I have been REALLY busy this semester with accounting and haven’t had much time (at all) to update the blog.  If anyone would like to volunteer to write news stories for the blog (crime news, restaurant news, political news), I would appreciate it.  Just post a comment here.