This was in the Rants & Raves section of today’s Sentinel.  There was also a short rave for the proposed library.

“I smell another Boundary Waters.  You remember that beautiful aquatic center that was to be centrally located to serve all Douglas County, but it is so far out it serves more of Fulton County than Douglas and turned into a major white elephant.  Well now they are going to build a state of the art library to serve Fulton and Carroll County instead of the Winston, Bill Arp and Douglasville area.  We the people of Winston, Bill Arp and Douglasville would have been better served by a library built in this area, or even across or near the new schools on Mason Creek Road/Post Road area.  Enjoy your new library, Fulton and Carroll County; you wil be closer to it than us.”

Anyone know where this library is supposed to be located?  Also, did anyone go to the meeting tonight?  It would be nice if the materials made available at this meeting were also available online.

Edit, 10:48pm–From looking at today’s Douglas County Happenings newsletter, the library will be built at the Dog River Reservoir park, which is less than five miles from me.  It’s not TOO out of the way, and it’s far enough away from Hwy 5 traffic.  However, building it on Hwy 166 might cause an increase in traffic on other roads that go to Hwy 166, such as Hwy 5, Big A Road, Chapel Hill Road, West Chapel Hill Road, Capps Ferry Road, and Post Road, to name a few.  Hwy 166 is already a busy road.  Why not build it in the Bill Arp or Winston area so those in Winston won’t have to drive so far?