Train Hits Truck At Railroad Crossing In Douglasville

Truck Was Stuck At Railroad Crossing


A train plowed into a tractor-trailer loaded with new cars and SUVs after the truck got stuck at a railroad crossing Friday in downtown Douglasville. 

The car carrier got hung up trying to cross the tracks that run alongside Highway 78 through the Douglas County town. 

  • SLIDESHOW: Stuck Truck Hit By Train
  • Highway 78 at Rose Avenue 
  • Highway 78 at 92 
  • Highway 78 at McCarley

  • RAW VIDEO: Scene Of Train-Truck Crash

    The operator of an approaching train saw the stranded truck, but was unable to stop in time, according to Wes Pallon of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. 

    The truck driver was able to get out of his truck before the crash and there were no injuries. The impact carried the truck and its load several hundred feet down the tracks. 

    Several streets and railroad crossings in Douglasville are closed including: