So I went by Five Guys and got a cheeseburger and french fries and brought it home.  I noticed they put some fries in a paper cup, then dumped the rest in the bottom of the brown paper bag.  The cheeseburger was okay, but not really anything to brag about.  It would have helped if they had seasoned the meat–maybe with garlic or onion powder.  They use Kraft American cheese–seems like they could have used a better quality cheese than this.  It reminds me of the cheese they used to serve with nachos in my high school lunchroom (which was more years ago than I’d like to say). 

Better than the fast food burgers, but…I used the nutritional information on their website and calculated how many calories my burger had.  610 calories.  That’s a LOT.  A McDonald’s cheeseburger has 300 calories, while a Wendy’s Jr. Cheeseburger has 260. 

The Five Guys’ fries are another 610 calories (though they claim a regular order is actually half of what they give you–so when you get a regular order of fries, you get TWO servings.  I ate half the burger tonight, half the fries.  However, if I had eaten all of it, the total calorie count would have been 1,220 calories.

I won’t be returning, mainly because it’s too many calories for one meal.

Has anyone else been here?  What do you think?  Do they live up to their high Zagat rating?