10:53pm Someone’s been arrested.
10:54pm One by name and DOB.
10:58pm Manager of gas station on Chapel Hill closing station and there is a large crowd of people in parking lot.
11:01pm People have left.
11:01pm Officer escorting two people to a motel.
11:09pm Domestic problem reported.
11:13pm Residential alarm.
11:14pm Person at CHHS says back door to gym is open.
11:15pm City broadcasts BOLO for unauthorized use of car. Was involved in an accident.
11:17pm County repeats BOLO info.
11:19pm Reckless driver around Elk Run. Three vehicles possibly reckless just left subdivision.
11:25pm Shoplifting occurred earlier, not sure what.
11:25pm Earlier assault, drugs involved, at a motel.
11:26pm Custody dispute reported.
11:28pm City is now responding to open door at CHHS.
11:33pm Apparently an employee of CHHS left the door open.
11:33pm 10-28
11:33pm 10-28 (regular patrol unit on I-20—where are the FIND units???)
11:38pm Person causing a problem at a subdivision.
11:38pm 10-27 (out of state)
11:39pm Person threatening to harm person. Screaming heard.
11:43pm Person has hit person in 11:39pm incident.
11:45pm 10-28 (out of state)
11:48pm 10-27 (out of state)
11:49pm Officer requested at Waffle House on Chapel Hill, not sure for what.
11:52pm 10-28
11:53pm There was an armed robbery earlier today…not sure where. Two people involved, getaway vehicle was a truck. One suspect was wearing a wifebeater.
11:57pm 10-28
12:00am Suspicious truck at a lake off Hwy 78 with its lights off.
12:04am Residence alarm.
12:07am Residence alarm has been canceled, but officer is going just to make sure everything is ok. The same alarm went off this morning.
12:21am Business alarm at a car dealership.
12:21am 10-27
12:23am Alarm canceled.
12:23am 10-28
12:24am 10-28
12:25am 10-28
12:25am Someone has an expired tag.
12:26am Officer patrolling around Iron Horse BBQ.
12:30am 10-28
12:31am 10-28
12:33am 10-28
12:35pm 10-28
12:37am 10-28
12:38am Business alarm.
12:39am 10-28
12:40am 10-28 (I-20)
12:31am Officer patrolling Crossroads on foot.
12:43pm Requesting prisoner transport from hospital in another county.
12:45am 10-28
12:46am Suspicious vehicle at an auto parts store. 10-28 Possible repo.
12:47am 10-27
12:50am 10-28 (out of state)
12:52am Requesting prisoner transport from another county.
12:54am Officer taking one person to jail.