10:23pm 10-28
10:24pm 10-27 & 10-29
10:25pm Must have been a wreck—just heard EMS had arrived at the scene.
10:32pm Transporting someone to a grocery store.
10:33pm Residence alarm.
10:33pm 10-28
10:37pm BOLO reckless driver on Hospital Dr. approaching Presley Mill going over 100mph.
10:39pm Someone’s been arrested.
10:39pm An officer is patrolling Chapel Hill Road.
10:39pm BOLO driver in front of hospital on wrong side of road near WSA.
10:40pm Property manager wants patrols all weekend.
10:40pm 10-28
10:40pm 10-28
10:42pm Officer looking for BOLO.
10:44pm 10-28
10:45pm Threats to a person in a subdivision off Chapel Hill Road.
10:46pm Residence alarm.
10:46pm 10-28
10:47pm 10-27
10:50pm One by name and DOB.
10:54pm There was an accident at the mall yesterday.
10:54pm 10-28
10:55pm 10-28
11:05pm Two suspicious vehicles at Clinton Nature Preserve. Most likely they’re setting up for the Pioneer Days tomorrow or either cleaning up from tonight’s Cowboy Cooking festivities.
11:06pm 10-28