Restaurant Inspection scores are FINALLY on the Cobb & Douglas Public Health website!  You can find them at

Note that some places have inspection dates of over a year old–here’s hoping that changes soon.  I think the only thing missing is the letter grade.  Here’s a guide to the letter grades:

90-100 is an A; 80-89 is a B; and 70-79 is a C.

Scores below 70 indicate poor health conditions.

Here’s some of the more recent scores (however, some of these “recent” scores date back to January):

Kenny’s Home Cooking 75
Charley’s Steakery  89
Panda Express  100
Tony’s Mexican Grill  81
Johnny Rockets  80
Irish Bred Pub  100
Golden Corral  95
Asia Buffet  87
Church’s Fried Chicken  90
Blimpie Express, 1374 Lee Road, Lithia Springs  75
Bankhead Diner  91
Fabiano’s  83
Happy Buddha, 77
Sammy’s Pizza  80
Douglasville Wasabi  94
Joe’s Crab Shack  87
Mandarin Express  80  (former score, taken about a week or two before the current score, was a 62)
Cracker Barrel (new location on Concourse) 90 (former score, taken a week before the current score, was a 74)
Chick-Fil-A Hwy 5  95
Long John Silvers  98
IHOP  90
Magnolia Cafe  99
Sonic Drive-In  96
Calibou Bakery Cafe  67
Hunan Chinese Restaurant  85

I noticed a few restaurants missing–Sea Breeze being one of them.  Also, I don’t see how they had to have special “software” to do this.  It could have been typed up in Excel and then they could have removed the lines.  The individual violations are also missing.  If a restaurant got a failing score, I think citizens would want to know why.