12:32pm Officer says he has a stolen vehicle at the police station.
12:37pm An officer wrote a report.
12:38pm 10-27
12:40pm Someone’s locked their keys in their vehicle at a drugstore.
12:41pm Domestic problem reported.
12:45pm Officer may have found an armed robbery suspect from a gas station robbery about three weeks ago.
12:47pm Detailed description of an article of clothing the suspect is wearing.  It seems to match the same article this person is wearing. Another officer is enroute with a photo of suspect.
12:48pm Domestic problem reported.
12:52pm 10-28 on I-20.
12:54pm Possibly broke down tractor trailer loaded down with steel girders on train track at Mozely St.
12:58pm Kids throwing rocks at a house.
1:02pm Residence alarm.
1:05pm Something occurred overnight–didn’t hear what it was.:
1:07pm Reckless vehicle on Thornton Rd going towards Bankhead.
1:09pm Officer is enroute to another county to pick up a prisoner.
1:10pm Concern for welfare–person dragging another person.
1:12pm One by name and DOB.
1:14pm 10-28 on I-20.
1:20pm drugs found at a business.
1:21pm 10-28
1:23pm Business alarm.
1:23pm Someone pushed the panic button on their alarm system.
1:25pm 10-28
1:30pm Suspicious vehicle.
1:31pm Concern for welfare reported.
1:32pm 10-28
1:32pm One by name and DOB.
1:39pm 10-28 in front of a vacant house.
1:39pm Domestic problem.
1:46pm Accident at Hospital Drive & Dorris Road.
1:53pm Someone has broken into someone’s apartment.
1:55pm Someone at a car dealership pushed the alarm button accidentally.
1:56pm 10-28 (2)
1:57pm 1:53pm incident is now a robbery in progress.
2:01pm Traffic light at Concourse and Hwy 5 is not holding green for very long.
2:01pm Gun somehow involved in apartment robbery.
2:06pm Gas station in Bill Arp area possibly being held up.  Alarm was pushed.
2:12pm 10-28 (out of state)