10:22pm BOLO for truck on I-20 towing a vehicle that doesn’t have lights on back of it.
10:23pm Concern for welfare–may have been for the 10:22pm BOLO.
10:27pm Person has reported a noise complaint–apparently the construction crew across the street from Kohl’s is still working.
10:30pm Residence alarm.
10:30pm Someone’s been arrested.
10:34pm Alarm company has canceled alarm.
10:38pm Officer got bit by a pit bull.
10:40pm Animal control enroute to officer.
10:40pm 10-28
10:42pm 10-28 (out of state)
10:44pm Accident between vehicle and tractor trailer.  No injuries.
10:49pm 10-28
10:51pm Person entering auto at a restaurant.
10:51pm 10-28
10:53pm Two officers enroute to restaurant.
10:53pm Suspect is now inside vehicle.
10:57pm 10-27
10:58pm Suspicious vehicle keeps circling a restaurant.
10:59pm One by name and DOB.
11:02pm 10-29
11:03pm One by name and DOB.
11:06pm 10-39 (I think they had gone 10-33 during the auto break-in)
11:08pm 10-28