6:26pm 10-27 (2)
6:27pm Something dead in the road. (animal)
6:27pm 10-28
6:32pm 2 by name and DOB.
6:32pm 10-27
6:35pm 10-28
6:35pm Someone’s locked their keys in their vehicle.
6:38pm Home has been broken into.
6:38pm DOT notified about something–didn’t hear about what.
6:41pm Someone’s locked their keys in their vehicle at a grocery store.
6:42pm 10-28
6:45pm Burglary reported.
6:51pm 10-28
6:52pm 10-27 & 10-28
6:53pm Something about a juvenile returning home.
6:54pm 10-28
6:54pm At least one FIND vehicle on I-20.
6:57pm Domestic problem.
6:58pm Reckless driver turning onto Chapel Hill from 166.
6:58pm 10-28
7:02pm Officer found reckless driver…he ran into the median.
7:05pm One by number.
7:06pm Two by number.
7:07pm 10-28
7:08pm One by name and DOB.
7:08pm Someone’s been arrested.
7:11pm 10-44 threat.
7:16pm 10-28
7:17pm 10-28
7:18pm 10-27
7:19pm Domestic problem.
7:22pm 10-28
7:23pm Someone locked their keys in their vehicle at a Wal-Mart.
7:24pm Assault occurred last night.
7:27pm 10-28
7:29pm 10-28 (out of state)
7:29pm 10-28
7:30pm 10-28