Edit: It looks like every single one of the auctions have been removed–don’t know if the auctions ended or all of them were pulled.  Kind of odd.  But the picture to the left can still be seen, which means it is somehow still on the GovDeals.com website somewhere.

View here.  The entire first page is a listing of various years of Ford Crown Victoria cars which were, in previous lives, former sheriffs’ cars.  Every single vehicle listing says “Vehicle may or may not have a key.”  How do you misplace keys to POLICE cars??  It ranges from copiers to computers to a filthy-looking cafeteria sink(though that can’t be the actual sink, right?  There’s got to be a stainless steel inset that’s missing.).  They list all items as “still in working order when removed from service”.  Which means, if they’ve been sitting outside all this time (as it looks like this cafeteria sink has) they might not work–or you might not want them in the first place.  Items that don’t have anyone bidding on them include “vintage phones” (which includes what looks like a corroded surge protector) and a John Deere weed trimmer that “need[s] work”.  The bid with the highest price right now is a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria, which is going for $3,510.