10-28: Vehicle registration information
10-27: Driver’s license information
10-29: Check wanted/stolen
GSP: Georgia State Patrol

12:03am Disturbance at gas station in North Douglasville.
12:05am Someone’s been arrested.
12:06am BOLO for truck that caused hit and run near Thornton Road in Cobb County–truck is now on I-20.
12:08am Residence alarm.
12:11am Business alarm.
12:13am Residence alarm.
12:16am Cobb police say hit and run is county’s responsibility.  GSP is extended.
12:23am Fight or domestic problem at Super 8.
12:32am 10-28
12:33am Suspicious bicycle parked in front of a store–officer responds that it’s been there all night.
12:34am Something happened, not sure what.  Person says suspect ran away–officer looking for suspect.
12:39am Loud music in what appears to be a subdivision.  Second time tonight in the same area.
12:43am 10-28–person in an office on Hwy 5.
12:45pm Officer is now 10-8 from an earlier accident.
12:46am 10-27 & 10-29
12:47am  BOLO for suspect in 12:34 incident–suspect stole items from victim.
12:48am No music heard.