11:57pm 10-28
11:57pm BOLO for runaway teen from North Carolina.  En route to TX.
12:03am Police chase apparently just ended.  Officers are now in Cobb County.  Suspect is stopping at Blairs Bridge.  10-28.  Dog barking in background.
12:06am Two by number.
12:08am Someone has a suspended license.
12:09am Suspicious vehicle behind Old Beulah.
12:17am 10-28–suspicious vehicle behind a church.
12:21am 10-28–suspicious vehicle in front of an elementary school.  Is occupied.  Another officer enroute.
12:22am Two by name and DOB.
12:22am Loud music coming from a vehicle in Anneewakee Trails subdivision.
12:24am One by name and DOB.
12:29am Mechanical breakdown at gas station.  Tow truck en route.
12:31am Second complaint about car in Anneewakee Trails.
12:31am One name and DOB, one 10-28.
12:34am Officer en route to residence alarm.
12:34am Suspicious activity at a residence.
12:35am One by name and DOB.
12:36am Someone’s license is suspended.
12:36am One by number.
12:37am Someone’s been arrested.
12:38am One by number.
12:39am 10-28
12:46am Two have been arrested.
12:46am 10-28 (out of state)
12:48am 10-27
12:48am 10-27
12:49am 10-27
12:50am Domestic problem.
12:50am 10-28
12:52am Vehicle accident–also person claims to be a police officer and is making threats toward other person.
12:57am One person arrested.
12:58am One person arrested.
1:00am Two by number.