Happy New Year!

12:29am Officer wants another officer to check a gas station’s air machine–says someone tampered with it earlier this week.
12:29am EMS enroute to a restaurant for someone that’s unconscious.
12:31am Active 10-16–juvenile busting windows of residence.
12:32am Business alarm.
12:34am Officer at 12:29am restaurant.
12:35am 10-28
12:36am Person fell outside residence, is getting CPR.
12:37am Possible 10-55 near John West Road.
12:38pm Mechanical breakdown.
12:39am 10-28
12:39pm Gunshots reported.
12:42am 10-27
12:43am 10-28
12:44am Officer responding to business alarm.
12:44am 10-28
12:47am 10-28
12:49am Police patrol needed for someone discharging firearms.
12:55am Person won’t pay for gas.
12:56am 10-28
12:56am One by name and DOB.
12:57am Domestic problem reported.
12:59am 10-28