Phyllis Bryant is driving a loaner vehicle because her 2001 Volvo S 80 sedan is sitting at the dealership.
Bryant said the moon roof shattered on her vehicle as she went through the AutoBuffs Express Carwash in Douglasville.
“I ran it through the car wash, and as I was sitting there, I heard a loud explosion,” said Bryant.
Bryant said tempered glass fell all around her and the car seat.
“I have a 16-month-old son, and I am so glad he was not in that car with me,” said Bryant.
While giant blowers at the end of a car wash line can produce wind of 200 mph, Bryant learned the incident wasn’t caused by the car wash.
The International Car Wash Association issued a letter warning that there continues to be a number of Volvo sunroof failures in a carwash and that the failures occur in the blow-off area after the wash.  Bryant had no idea about the problem.
“It’s a secret to me,” she said.  Bryant said the dealer first told her Volvo would pay only for the replacement glass, not labor.  The company assured WSB-TV Channel 2 that they would handle the labor 100 percent.
Volvo admits to 80 such incidents since 2001 and said they have 800,000 cars with moon roofs on the road.  Bryant, a 20-year Volvo driver, is taking it upon herself to warn fellow owners.
“This can happen, your sunroof can explode,” said Bryant.
The International Car Wash Association said Volvo isn’t alone with the problem. They’ve issued a similar warning about the taillight getting dislodged on some GM vehicles.