This is from part of an article at the Augusta Chronicle:

HUNTING ACCIDENTS: Georgia’s busy 2008-09 hunting season yielded 34 hunting accidents — including four fatalities, according to Georgia’s Wildlife Resources Division.

This year, however, there wasn’t a single reported fatality related to firearms, although state authorities did investigate 12 separate shootings and plenty of accidents involving falls from tree stands.

Among the shootings, six hunters were shot by other hunters in cases where people were mistaken for game or similar accidents. Six other hunters accidentally shot themselves, and three of those occurred while victims were climbing in or out of deer stands.

Among the four fatalities were two hunter deaths attributed to heart attacks and two tree stand accidents in which the victims died.

Here is a summary of the shootings reported:

l Oct. 18: A 19-year-old Effingham County hunter was shot in the hand by his grandfather as they both fired at the same deer.

l Oct. 29: A 46-year-old Echols County hunter was shot in the chest with a 12-gauge shotgun when another 46-year-old hunter mistook him for a deer.

l Nov. 1: A 63-year-old Glynn County hunter shot himself in the hand while climbing a tree stand.

l Nov. 2: A 13-year-old Jackson County hunter shot himself in the right toe.

l Nov. 9: A 53-year-old woman in Stephens County was shot by her 35-year-old daughter with a center-fire deer rifle, shattering her leg bones and right calf muscles. She was airlifted to a trauma center.

l Nov. 9: A 54-year-old Hartwell, Ga., hunter shot himself in the arm while climbing down from a deer stand.

l Nov. 23: A 33-year-old Douglasville hunter shot himself through the left foot and shin.

l Nov. 27 : A 56-year-old Georgia Wildlife Resources Division officer was shot by a hunter who thought he was a deer.

l Nov. 30: A North Carolina man hunting in Rabun County shot himself in the right toe.

l Jan. 3: A 14-year-old Grady County hunter shot himself while climbing into a tree stand.

l Jan. 10: In Appling County, a 44-year-old hunter was shot in the cheek by an unknown party whose identity still has not been determined.

l Jan. 10: A 15-year-old Echols County hunter accidentally shot his 17-year-old friend with a deer rifle. The bullet went through both legs.

During the 2007-08 season, there were five shooting fatalities, of which four incidents involved children or teenagers. During 2006-07, there were no fatal shootings and the single reported fatality involved a fall from a tree stand.

Typically, about 350,000 people hunt in Georgia each season.