This is part of an article in tomorrow’s AJC about the governor’s proposed budget cuts, which will impact education.  You can see the entire article here:

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DON REMILLARD — superintendent of Douglas County schools

Despite seven consecutive years of significant cuts in state education funding, Douglas County and other Georgia school systems will continue to be diligent about the overall success of our students. Due to the unrelenting dedication of the outstanding educators working in our schools, I expect we may see continued improvement in student test scores and graduation rates.

However, the broader experiences that students have in our schools are deeply affected. School systems have been forced to use local tax dollars to provide funding for budget items previously paid by the state. Elementary foreign language instruction, art, music and field trips have either been eliminated or drastically downsized. The purchase of some computer equipment and textbooks, library books, and facility repairs have been postponed. Budget cuts may force us to cancel elective or Advanced Placement courses where enrollment is low, and nurse positions may be cut. While most school districts will survive the state budget cuts, it is not likely that they can thrive during this time.