This is from the Times-Herald, the Newnan newspaper:

Coweta partners with nearby counties on radio system

By Sarah Fay Campbell

The Times-Herald

Coweta County will be partnering will Carroll, Heard and Haralson counties and with the city of Douglasville to implement an 800 megahertz radio system.

The new radio system “will bring Coweta County into the new era,” said Sheriff Mike Yeager at Tuesday’s meeting of the Coweta County Board of Commissioners. “We’re still operating off a system that was well-defined in the ’60s, probably,” Yeager said. “So it is time to move forward and this would do it.”

The county had looked at starting its own 800 megahertz system, but the cost was too high. By partnering with the other counties, Coweta will be able to use the existing master control site equipment and two transmission towers located in Carroll and Heard counties. Those towers would cover one-third of Coweta, according to a letter sent to the commissioners and signed by Public Safety Director Dennis Hammond, Yeager, EMS Director Melvin Hunter, Public Works Director Bill Cawthorne, Coweta Fire Chief Johnny Teeters, Warden Bill McKenzie, 911 Director Patricia Orr, and Emergency Management Director Jay Jones.

ner(“inStory250x250”);Having access to those two towers will reduce the needed new towers by half, according to the letter. Also, the system will provide inter-operable radio communications with neighboring counties. The new system will be 100 percent compatible with the systems in Fayette, Fulton and Troup counties as well.

Some of the funding for the system can come from the fire bonds, said County Administrator Theron Gay.

In other meeting business:

* The board voted to reduce the speed limit on Tommy Lee Cook Road to 45 mph. Third district commissioner Randolph Collins said he requested that the county engineering department do a study on the road after receiving a complaint from a resident. The study determined the road should be posted at 45 mph. With Brooks Elementary School being built, “there may be a need to have it even lower” along some sections, Collins said.

Sheriff Yeager said his concern with the change is that the state only allows changes to the radar speed lists to be made every three years. “If we lower or raise, it will affect whether or not we could go run radar on that road,” Yeager said. Yeager said he was talking with Public Works Director Bill Cawthorne and there are a few roads that have had their speed limits changed but the permits are showing a different speed.

Yeager said he feels that many of the county’s main roads, other than state highways, should be posted at 45 mph instead of 55. Yeager said he will go ahead and pass the results of the Tommy Lee Cook study to the state and “see if we can’t get the state to go ahead and follow the recommendations.”

* The board voted to accept the recommendation of the bond committee to name Merchant Capital as the underwriting agent for the fire bonds. Commissioner Collins voted against the recommendation.

* The board approved the execution of a development agreement with Bright-Meyers. Bright-Meyers has a contract to purchase the northwest quadrant of the Fischer Crossings development. The development agreement requires Bright-Meyers to comply with the conditions imposed by the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority as part of the review of Fischer Crossings as a development of regional impact.

Bright-Meyers will be required to make several road improvements, and the county agrees to add turn lanes and turn lane storage on Ga. Hwy. 34 East. The county also agrees to work with the DOT to try and have the speed limit on Hwy. 34 reduced to 45 mph.

County Attorney Jerry Ann Conner said that the new agreement basically mirrors the development agreement that the county had with Fischer Crossings. The county isn’t taking on any additional obligations, Conner said.

* The board approved an agreement for guardrail installation along Lower Fayetteville Road.

* Chairman Paul Poole read a proclamation declaring Sunday, March 22 as Relay for Life Sunday in Coweta County, and the commissioners presented it to members of the Relay for Life committee.

* Poole appointed Father Austin Fogarty and Father Dan Fleming as co-chaplains.