11:50pm Someone’s been arrested.
11:51pm Officers are apparently looking for a suspect.
11:51pm Dog is enroute to look for suspect.
11:52pm Apparently they are looking for someone from a local club, the same club in which televisions were stolen last week.
11:55pm Search seems to be going on around the railroad tracks.
11:58pm Dog now searching for suspect.
11:59pm Wrecker needed.
12:00am A 10-8  (in service) was called.
12:00am Wrecker being called to location near Chapel Hill I-20 on ramp.
12:01am 10-28
12:06am Someone’s been arrested.
12:06am Officers using dog to search for suspect.
12:08am Officers are near Bankhead and South Burnt Hickory.
12:11am 10-28
12:12am Search still ongoing.
12:13am Something about units at a lumber yard.
12:13am Officers will set up around a road to try and apprehend suspect.
12:18am 10-28
12:24am 10-28
12:27am Suspicious vehicle at a restaurant.
12:30am 10-28
12:31am 10-27
12:31am Scent may have been lost.
12:36am Suspicious subjects at a gas station on Hwy 5.
12:43am Suspicious subjects were waiting on cash register to be operational, but left.
12:56am 10-28
12:57am 10-27
1:13am Residence alarm.