8:28pm 10-28.
8:33pm 10-91 at a department store at Arbor Place.
8:37pm Apparently someone called the police department with some kind of information about a crime going on and then disconnected.  The police haven’t been able to contact the person.  Police are en route to the possible crime location.
8:38pm 10-28
8:39pm Officers en route to a hotel.
8:40pm 10-28
8:44pm Assault reported.
8:47pm Business alarm.
8:48pm Someone’s been arrested.
8:48pm 10-28 (out of state)
8:49pm 10-28.
8:50pm 10-28
8:51pm Domestic problem reported.
8:53pm 10-27.
8:57pm 10-28.
8:59pm 10-28.