Authorities said a small plane carrying three people went down in a private lake in Carroll County Sunday, killing at least two people.

A search is under way for the third passenger aboard, said Bud Bennifield with the Carroll County Fire Department.

The incident happened at about 9 a.m. near Carrollton-Tyus Road about five miles south of Carrollton near the University of West Georgia.

Channel 2 Action News has learned that wreckage of the plane has been found.

Officials said sonar equipment was being brought in to assist.

Federal Aviation Administration representative Kathleen Bergen described the aircraft as a Cessna 182, which can hold up to four passengers.  According to FAA records, the plane was registered to Kenneth Wood of Roswell.

“It is one of the most popular models of single-engine planes for business and recreational purposes,” said Bergen. Bergen said the FAA is sending investigators to the crash scene and that the investigation will be led by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Authorities said a flight plan was not filed.  Private pilot Mark Muse told Channel 2 Action News anchor Amanda Rosseter that his daughter lives near the accident scene and heard the commotion.

“My daughter called me crying.   She heard a big explosion and thought she was dreaming,” said Muse.

Muse said his son-in-law went to the crash scene and told him it appeared the plane was en route to the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

“I figure they were on their way to the NASCAR race. They found tickets in the water,” said Muse.

Muse said it appears the plane came in at a pretty steep angle. Stay tuned to Channel 2 Action News and for more details on this breaking story.