5:45pm Accident with injuries.
5:48pm Shoplifter at Wal-Mart.
5:49pm Reckless vehicle.
5:55pm Accident with injuries (I think this may be the same one from earlier).
5:55pm Children playing in vacant trailer of a mobile home park.
5:57pm Residence alarm.
5:58pm Harassing phone calls reported.
5:59pm Domestic dispute.
6:05pm Mechanical breakdown in front of RaceTrac.
6:09pm 10-28.
6:11pm 10-27.
6:13pm Officer just told dispatcher to hold all traffic.
6:16pm Reckless driver on I-20 shooting birds at people and almost got into a wreck.
6:18pm Someone has locked themselves inside a residence and won’t come out.
6:20pm Two by name & DOB.
6:21pm Resume normal operations announced.
6:25pm 10-28.
6:27pm 10-28.
6:28pm Possible overdose.
6:32pm Domestic problem reported.
6:32pm 10-28.
6:33pm 10-27.
6:35pm Car almost hit person.
6:38pm Teens in street yelling.
6:39pm Poss. intoxicated driver.
6:40pm Threats to a person reported.