According to a page on (you have to create a free account to see the information), the Douglas County Jail is in the planning stages and is “seeking funding.”    The last review of the project was on December 23, 2008, and the next review is scheduled for March 23.  They estimate it will cost $83 million to build.  Interesting on the page, the Owner Ref is SPLOST.  Does this mean there will be another SPLOST vote this year??  It still lists the project location as the Flagview Mobile Home Park.  RJ Wood & Company, based in Macon, is listed as consultants for the project.

Another project, titled Jail Improvements, lists what will be done to improve the current jail: “Clean up & repair mold damage at the jail facility. Conduct a complete mold remediation project for the Douglas County Jail. The project will include all equipment, materials, supplies, labor, disposal cost and insurance necessary to test for mold, establish protocol to remove all contaminates and retest for clearance of all contaminates in the air, to include a written certification report attesting to the elimination of all mold and determining the area clear. The tested area will consist of jail dormitories and HVAC systems at the Jail.”  The cost of this is “unlisted.”

Another project titled Plant Expansions lists the expansion of the Bear Creek Water Treatment Plant: ” Division A: Bear Creek Water Treatment Plant Expansion from 16 million gallons of water to 23 million gallons of water. Work to include: raw water splitter box and flash mixer, flocculators, sedimentation basin with tube settlers and sludge removal equipment, filter building, filters, filter control, rebowling of (2) two existing high service pumps and valves, pumps, piping, and electrical building, SCADA System, Filter Control System, (2) two new chemical feed buildings with equipment, lime and carbon silos, landscaping and entrance gate and fencing, and all other appurtenances as necessary for a complete and functioning system. Division B: Dog Rover Reservoir intake pump station, electric generators, and automatic transfer switching system, electrical building, and site work. Work to include: components for (2) two 1,500 Kw diesel electric generators, concrete support structure, fuel loading area, electrical building, site work and grading, erosion and sedimentation control, main electrical feed panel automatic transfer switch, electrical power and control wiring, conduits and duct banks, system control and data acquisition system (SCADA), and variable speed drive, one raw water 2,500 Hp variable speed vertical turbine pump, rebowling of existing 2,500 raw water pump, pump check valves, raw water piping, SCADA repeater station with antenna and related work.”

The project goes on to say that there will be a tour of the facility on March 31 after a Pre Bid Conference.

I also found a listing for the city’s Municipal Building.  The owner ref listed for it is also SPLOST.  The cost will be $23 million.  The city will award the proposal on or after March 16.

There was also a middle and high school under construction on Hwy 92.  It was in the design stage.  However, the project says that ” Construction Manager has been selected. Site has been acquired. Project is on hold due to economy.”  The price of the project was $40 million.

Another project says that they are currently seeking funding for intersection improvements at Post Road and Mason Creek Road.  They also plan to install a new traffic signal.  No cost is listed.  However, I found another listing for the same project and it says turn lanes will be installed as well.  They list the cost as $500,000.

Also another project lists a new elementary school on Mt. Vernon Road.  It states the project status is inconclusive and states the owner recently purchased the land.  The page was updated on February 9.

Also, found a project where there was supposed to be a shopping center at Fairburn Road and Hwy 166.  It states the project has been canceled.

Then I also found a project stating that a park and ride lot would be built on Douglas Boulevard.  Completion date scheduled for March 31, 2010.  Cost will be $2,163,434.

It also lists the Fairplay Library as still in the planning stages.  The county is also seeking more funding, as the cost will be over $3.8 million.  I believe they got a $2 million grant but that may have been for the one that was vetoed by Governor Perdue.

Lots of interesting information if you want to create a free account–but this was the most interesting of it by far.