7:48pm Alarm at West Central Tech.
7:51pm Fight at an elementary school with six people involved.
7:51pm Several units enroute to elementary school.
7:52pm Officer says elementary school is code 4 (okay), tells other units to slow down.
7:54pm Fight is over.  No ambulance needed.
7:55pm Fight wasn’t at elementary school, was on street near it–also a burglary near there.
7:57pm 10-28.
7:59pm Alarm at a high school.
7:59pm Person needs a jack.
8:00pm 10-28.
8:00pm Harassing phone calls reported.
8:01pm Road rage reported on Chapel Hill Road, also same subject a reckless driver–ran person off road.
8:02pm Accident reported on Hwy 166.
8:04pm Officer possibly found reckless driver on I-20.
8:06pm 15 people allegedly shooting dice in an apartment complex.
8:07pm 10-28 (out of state).
8:08pm 10-28.
8:09pm 10-28.
8:10pm Welfare check.
8:11pm 10-28.
8:12pm Concern for welfare in Douglasville area.  Missing child.
8:14pm 10-28.
8:15pm 10-28.
8:16pm Alarm at a business.
8:18pm Residence alarm–looks like this might be a break-in.
8:19pm 10-27 (2)
8:21pm 10-28 (2)
8:21pm Someone’s been arrested.
8:23pm Child found.
8:25pm 10-28 (out of state).
8:28pm 10-28.
8:29pm 911 hangup.
8:30pm 10-28 (out of state).
8:30pm Vehicle with no 10-28.
8:31pm 10-28.
8:32pm Welfare check.
8:34pm Domestic problem at an apartment complex.
8:36pm One by number.
8:38pm An item has been taken from someone.
8:44pm Residence alarm.