From today’s Sentinel:

Douglasville Mayor Mickey Thompson released the following statement Wednesday concerning the Tuesday night vote by the Douglasville City Council to override his veto:

“It appears to me a majority of the City Council places a greater value on the urgency to move forward quickly over the need to insure that the process of selecting the construction company was accurate and each company was treated equally.

Two issues were at the center of my veto.  First, allowing a City Council member to change their vote flawed the scoring of these companies.  This ocurred after each member of city council had submitted his or her final voting forms.  I later found out the original voting form was destroyed.

Second, in an attempt to sway the final voting, the police chief made contact with City Council members prior to the vote and after the companies had made their final presentations to the City Council.

You may remember this is the second attempt by the Douglasville City Council to select a construction company to build the new police and municipal court building.  The police chief employed similar tactics to sway the Council’s vote in that selection.  The company selected was later indicted by a federal grand jury only days after the Douglasville City Council had made their selection.

Although my position on fairness and openness in conducting the people’s business is not shared by a majority of the Council, I plan to remain committed to these principals.”