7:30 P.M.

1.0 Call to Order
1.1 Mayor Mickey Thompson

2.0 Invocation
2.1 Youth Pastor Brad Fain with Atlanta West Pentecostal Church

3.0 Pledge of Allegiance

3.1 Mayor Pro Tern Roy Mims

4.0 Minutes
4.1 Minutes of the City Council’s regular meeting of March 16, 2009, the special meeting of March 24,2009, the executive session of March 24,2009, and the legislative work session of March 12,2009.

5.0 Consent Agenda

5.1 Public Safety Committee / Chairman Dennis McLain Item 20-09-21 -Authorize the Mayor to sign the necessary forms to be included in an application to the U. S. Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) for funding under the COPS Hiring Recovery Program for salaries and benefits for five current City of Douglasville police officers who are scheduled to be laid off on a future date as a result of anticipated local budget cuts.

5.2 Community & Economic Development Committee / Chairman John Schildroth Item 21-09-02 -Authorize the Mayor to sign the Local Government Certification and Approval for submission to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs in order for S.RA.R.E. House to be approved as a participant in DCA’s local emergency shelter and transitional housing program.

5.3 Parks & Recreation Committee / Chairman Roy Mims Item 23-09-06 -Authorize the Mayor to sign a contract with Lyman Davidson Dooley, Inc. (LDDI) for architectural services at Hunter Park.

5.4 Finance Committee / Chairman Roy Mims Item 24-09-15 -Enact an ordinance requiring all pawnbrokers and employees of pawnshops to attend and complete mandatory training presented by the Police Department regarding continuing compliance with Article X, Chapter 26 of the City Code concerning requirements for pawnshops, including requirements for daily electronic reporting of inventory.

5.5 Finance Committee / Chairman Roy Mims Item 24-09-16 -Enact an ordinance to delay to July 1,2009, the effective date established in Ordinance 0-09-014, approved March 16,2009, for Article X, Chapter 26, of the City Code regarding Pawnshops and Pawnbrokers.

6.0 Public Safety Committee / Chairman Dennis McLain

6.1 Item 20-09-22 -Request for a Special Event Permit for pouring alcohol beverages for Irish Bred Pub & Restaurant located at 6682 East Broad Street. Licensee: English Country House Group, Inc. DBA: Irish Bred Pub & Restaurant Location of Event: O’Neal Plaza
Date & time: Saturday, April 25th from 3:00 pm until 11:00 pm
Type of Event: 1 Year Anniversary Community Event
Agent Outlet Manager: Russell Phillips

7.0 Community & Economic Development Committee / Chairman John Schildroth

8.0 Planning & Zoning Committee / Chairman Dennis McLain

9.0 Parks & Recreation Committee / Chairman Roy Mims

10.0 Finance Committee / Chairman Roy Mims

11.0 Information Technology Committee / Chairman LaShun B. Danley

12.0 Maintenance & Sanitation Committee / Chairman Callye B. Holmes

13.0 Transportation Committee / Chairman Charles Banks

14.0 Personnel & Organization Committee / Chairman Roy Mims

14.1 Item 28-09-00 -Appoint an individual to a six-year term on the three-member City of Douglasville Personnel Appeals Board, which will extend through January 16,2015.

15.0  Ordinances & Intergovernmental Committee / Chairman Terry Miller

16.0 Education & Training Committee / Chairman John Schildroth

17.0 Announcements/Presentations

17.1 Presentation of Keep Douglasville Beautiful’s second quarter Business Beautification Award to Douglas County Bank on Stewart Parkway.

18.0 Other Business

19.0 City Attorney / Joel Dodson

20.0 Chief Assistant City Attorney / Suzan Littlefield

21.0 City Manager / Bill Osborne

22.0 Comments from Citizens and Delegates