Meeting comes to order.

Quite a few people in the pews tonight.

Minutes from last meeting approved.

Foxhall Resort comes up.  P&Z recommends approval with one condition–that all water and wastewater should be served by DDCWSA.

Presentation by Mr. Holt (he kind of mumbled).  One of the p&Z members asks him to turn the mic volume up.  I think they need a new mic.

Holt says the facilities are amazing and they think it’s a perfect location for a sporting club.  He says it is easily accessible to other cities. Doesn’t sound too sure of himself–is saying uh, um, stuttering a lot.  Could be nerves.

Lots of talk about the Chattahoochee River being nearby.

Holt says there are many lakes on the property.  He sounds like he’s reading from a speech.  And seeing that he’s looking down a lot, I guess he is.

Citizens look upset.  I guess I would be too if someone wanted to build a resort on the road I lived on.  One citizen is even shaking her head.

Wants to put shopping and public services in resort.

Intent of Foxhall Sporting Club is not to “overdevelop.”  With 910 units and just as many hotel rooms.

Master Plan has three use areas.  Mixed-use/commercial (“true heart” of club, he says, where hospitality will be), resort residential, and community open space (not much, considering how much retail/resort they want to put in).  He says 50% will be community open space.  Lots of parks, he says.  They want to build a golf course.  I don’t know much about golf courses, but they use pretty potent chemicals in order to keep the grass green. Trail system so people can use golf carts to get around in.

Campus style setting for resort.  Clubhouse complex, swim club complex, kids club complex, all grouped together.  They want to build huge resort buildings.  They claim they want to preserve the community.  50 foot perimeter buffer around property.

One minute left for presentation.

Will be developed in multiple phases.

Plans to implement a design review committee.

I think they let him go over a minute.

Floor opened up for opposition.  Long speech about how they shouldn’t speak reduntantly.

More whispering from Brumbelow.  Asking for hands for people supporting.  Maybe four people supporting it out of about 25-30 people in attendance.

First citizen says he wrote a letter to commissioners.  He says we don’t have the roads to take care of the project.  He says the lower end is “full of potholes.”  How much influx, he asks.  He says it’s pathetic, because loggers and semi-trucks go down the road.  He counted 22 semi-trucks in one hour.  He looked at the DRI and their traffic report says we don’t have the roads to handle it, and it doesn’t live up to the air quality standards.  He says three acres are required to build a house and asks when did that change.

Second citizen says he lives in the Bear Creek No Golf and Country Club, to laughs from audience.  He says kids are in trailers in schools.  Applause.

Third citizen says Tributary has close houses.  Traffic.  Says it’s a mess.  Says the master plan will change.

Fourth citizen says why was meeting picked for this day because it’s spring break–district 4 commissioner is absent, he says.  Asks if there was a secret hidden agenda.  He said they built two more subdivisions and property taxes are “sky high.”  He says in fine print of DRI that it is a gated community. Applause.

Fifth citizen.  Traffic is “unreal” on Capps Ferry.  Says he doesn’t want commercial next to his house.

Sixth Citizen.  Traffic.  They use CF as a cut-thru.  Biggest concern is deer, turkeys, wildlife, and they have made no arrangements for that.  50 ft boundary will run wildlife out.

Seventh citizen.  Traffic is “terrible.”  Mount Zion Road half as busy as CF.  Says work will have to be done on roads.  Wonders if Merrill Trust has the money.  He says contractors are suing them for lack of payment on Sky Valley Resort.

Eight citizen.  Speeding people on Five Notch Road.  Road is gravel, not well-maintained.  “We moved away from the amenities knowing we would have to drive,” she says.  She said “we don’t want them in our backyard.”

Ninth citizen.  Worried about water & sewer.  Construction entrances.  Opposed to using Basket Creek as a construction entrance.  Changes to master plan from one that was mailed to him.  “We didn’t want to be with the hustle and bustle of city life.”

Tenth citizen.  Mortgage went up over $100 this month.  Wonders what it will be after Foxhall Resort is built.

Eleventh citizen.  “We moved out there for the rural lifestyle,” she says.  Says they won’t have access to walk on the river because it’s a gated community.

Public hearing closed.

Cole is his last name, not Holt.

People will have to check in at a gate in order to get in.  He says “we’ll see” as to whether neighbors can use facilities, laughs from citizens.

Asks about Sky Valley.  Says it is not an issue.  Confirms work has stopped.  Because bank stopped funding the project.  He says financial institutions “reacted rather harshly.”   Another member asks about financing for project.  Larger hotels will have to be funded by “outside sources.”  In other words, they don’t have the money to build everything they want to build.  Financing is “not in place” for the entire resort but they have enough to get started.

Board member says they don’t take questions for the audience after someone asks about why the meeting was tonight.

Latham says this plan “obviously would be an impediment” for trail access along river.  Asks if trail can go around property.  Cole says there is space to put the trail.  He says they can build trail on property.

Latham asks about tree preservation.  Asks if they will be clear-cutting.  Cole says no.  Latham then asks about construction entrances.  Entrances will be on Capps Ferry Road.  Not appropriate right-of way at culdesac.

Worthan asks about similarities with Chattahoochee Hill Country.  Cole responds with preservation of open spaces.  Almost 50% will be open space.

Ashmon asks if a traffic study has been done.  They predicted the traffic 20 years from now.  Says Capps Ferry & Hwy 166 needs improvements.  Says they will help fund improvements on a pro-rated share.

Ashmon asks if they have any timeline for when each portion will be built.  “Cautiously optimistic that market will return,” Cole says.  Says they are “courting hotel groups right now.”

Ashmon asks if there will be a store for neccessities in the first phase like a grocery store.  Cole says “not in the first phase.”  Takes 3-4 years to build a hotel, Cole says.

Ashmon asks what the closest neighborhood is.  He says Basket Creek Subdivision is adjoined.

Robinson asks what phase one is.  Residential, Cole says.  Price points?  Cole doesn’t know.  Wants to emulate Callaway Gardens.

Robinson asks where employees will be coming from and how many.  They want to use local tradesman and local employment wherever possible.  Asks how many rooms in hotel.  Cole responds there will be multiple hotel sites.  Cole says he doesn’t know if the market will support 800 hotel rooms.

Worthan asks what hotels.  Starwood, Westin, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, and two others they’ve been talking to.

No one’s making a motion.

Now P&Z member wants citizens to come forward and speak in support.  Citizens supporting it apparently want to talk.  Cole used the 15 minutes for the support side, so no citizens are allowed to speak in support.  I wonder if this member asked these citizens to come, thinking they would be able to speak for the project.

Motion to table until next meeting.  One opposed to tabling.

Now BOC votes.  Motion made to table since 4th District Commissioner is absent.

So they get to do all this again next month.

They’re taking a minute for people to leave.  Citizen tried to ask board something.  Citizens trying to talk to Mr. Cole.  P&Z board member asks them to take the conversation outside.  Lots of talking still heard.


Next is rezoning commercial application for an antique store and other unnamed commercial.  Planning dept. “concerned about” development at the location.  P&Z recommending denial.

Ayers says antique shop, possible real estate office.  Says he met with Gary Westmoreland of Douglas County DOT discussing future “ramifications” of development.  They own Ayers Realty company.  Says their building has been threatened to be taken for last twenty years.  They want to put a nursing home facility on back portion of property.  He says it is in conformity for master plan for Douglas County.

Asks for support (none) then for opposition (none).  Public hearing closed.  P&Z member asks him if he has a definite plan or not.  Ayers said he is 75-80% correct.  Said antique shop is not going to be built because woman didn’t want to wait.

Ashmon says they do not do (or have ever done) blind zoning, zoning without knowing what’s going to be there.  Says it’s not compatible with DC land use plan.

Ayers starts to argue that it is compatible.  Ayers said he wants quality development wants to go in area.  He said his mother donated the land for the Lithia Springs Library and they are also responsible for the building of the dialysis center.  He wants a nursing home or assisted living facility on property.  He says the “highest and best use for the property is commercial.”  Says there is commercial “all through there.”  He says they have been “long term citizens of the community.”

Ashmon wants them to go by “procedures the county put up.”  He wants Ayers to get an engineering plan and have a definite set plan “and then come to us” to apply.

Ayers “respectfully disagree with you, sir.”  Ashmon talks about why the county will not do blind zoning.  Ashmon says people might try to put in a strip joint if they did blind zoning.

Ayers continues to argue.  Says he paid $1,345 to “do it the right way.”

Worthan asks for Ayers’ address.  Worthan says future land use map is for the next 20 years, not for today.  He says the reason no one is there to protest is because it’s the oldest area in Lithia Springs.  “We shouldn’t rezone property 1600 feet into a residential area,” Worthan says.  Worthan says the 1600 feet is mainly rocks.

Worthan says he thinks “that corner should be commercial.”

Now motion.  Motion to deny application.  Now to BOC.  Ashmon makes motion to deny.  Application is denied.


Next application is to remove three conditions regarding hotels and motels and commercial.  Originally zoned in 1992.  P&Z recommending approval.

Russell has “nothing further to add.”

Asks for anyone speaking in support.  None.  Asks for opposition.

One in opposition.  Citizen says they were going to put two lines of trees as a buffer–put leland cypress and then didn’t put it over most of it.  Called county and county said they would send Code Enforcement but no one ever came.

P&Z member asks their plans.  They want to sell the property.  They’ve been approached by people who want to buy the property.  Potential plans, according to Andy Bell, are hotels, restaurants, retail, office.

Brumbelo says she will look into citizen’s complaint about buffer not being finished.

Another P&Z member asks about traffic concerns.

Motion to approve application.  BOC makes motion to approve application.  Application is approved.


Next application is to build a church on Fairburn Road in a shopping center.  Church operating since August 1, 2006.  No problems or issues.  Recommending approval for five years.

Mr. Linley, pastor, speaks.

Asks for anyone who wants to speak in support.  Asks for opposition.  None.

Public hearing closed.

Both boards say they hope they outgrow the church quickly.

P&Z board makes motion to approve application.  BOC makes motion to approve.  Application is approved.


Next application for am radio towers.  P&Z recommends approval.  Mr. Ray speaks.

Citizen speaking on opposition of application said it’s not in keeping with the land use plan.  A second citizen says there is a spring that will be near a road that will be built and he wonders why they will be building a retention pond.  A third citizen is concerned with the “loss of value of my home.”  Worried about wildlife’s safety.  Says there “have been numerous attempts to sell” property.  “You cannot dig back there,” she says.  “How much blasting are we going to have to see that’s right next door to our house?”  Says there are cracks in their house and pool from the blasting at Vulcan Materials.    “There are large outcroppings back there of rock, solid granite rock.”  A fourth citizen is concerned with future value of property and well-being of his parents.  Says of the criteria, only one criterion meets the criteria.  “This is entirely out of character for this area,” he says.  Doesn’t want the flashing beacon a couple hundred yards from his parents’ bedroom window.

Public hearing closed.

Board member asks Mr. Ray about blasting.  “We do not anticipate having any blasting.”

Board member worries if it is a health concern to be living near radio towers.  Says fencing will protect from radiation???

They have not had any geotechnical engineering done on the property.

Board member asks where the current tower is.  Person says it requires ten acres to build four towers.  Says beacons will not be required because it’s below 199 feet.

Worthan asks why they have to have four towers.

Ashmon asks if they can use existing towers.  They say they can’t.  Ashmon asks if it will give off radiations.  He says it will but there will be fencing “to prevent the public from being injured.”  Ashmon asks “are you sure” that citizens will be safe.  Worthan tries to end the discussion about radiation.  Ashmon then asks how much of an area they will have to cut.  They say there will be a buffer around the property.  Ashmon asks if it will interfere with radio or tv reception with the neighbors.  They say the FCC requires that they fix it if there is interference.  Ashmon asks how many listeners do they have.  They say they’ve never done an Arbitron rating, which is what most radio stations do.  They have no idea.  Ashmon asks why they picked that location.  “It seemed like a good area to do it,” the representative says.  Ashmon asks if the towers are easily seen.  He responds that it is a triangular steel structure.  Ashmon asks again, not getting an answer.  “I don’t think so,”  but then says “if you look in that direction, you’re going to see a tower.”

P&Z makes motion to deny application.  P&Z denies application.  BOC makes motion to deny application.  Motion dies for lack of a second.  Worthan calls for another motion and is met with silence.  Another person makes a motion to approve.  Application is approved 3-1.  Ashmon says the area over there is beautiful and thinks the towers “take away from that area.”  Ashmon says “that is not the place for it.”


Last item is an amendment about how long citizens can leave their trash cans on the streetside.  Must be done no earlier than the night before pickup and must be removed no later than day of pickup.  Amendment taken off table.

BOC takes amendment off table.

P&Z asks for support, then for opposition.  None.  Asks for motion.  Motion made to approve.  P&Z approves admendment.  BOC makes motion to approve.  BOC approves amendment.

Meeting is adjourned. Meeting lasted two hours and twelve minutes.