Whomever writes the blurbs for the DSCO news page is a pretty good writer.  I had to laugh after reading that line.

From the DSCO news page:

Jackie Ray Crowley, a prisoner at the Douglas County Jail, decided that he had enough of jail life. He ran from a work detail on Friday morning and stayed out until about 4:30 pm. He was caught due to the efforts of many members of the law enforcement community in Douglas County and one very observant citizen who saw Crowley run across the road. She called and reported the sighting and stood by to show officers where Crowley ran into the woods.

When Crowley was seen by one of the Sheriff’s canine teams, he tried to get away again. When the canine caught up to Crowley, Crowley tried to fight the dog. The dog won. Crowley was returned to the jail with an added charge of felony escape.