On the DSCO page:

Kimberly, delivery driver for Pizza Hut, stated that she went to make a delivery at 1804 Crossing Drive. Kimberly said that she went to the apartment and knocked at the door, when a black male approximately 5’9’’, 250 pounds, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and black tennis shoes, came from behind the building and pointed a black gun at her head. Kimberly stated that the subject said “give me the money “. At which time Kimberly pulled the money from her right pocket and gave it to the subject. Kimberly said that the subject also grabbed the Pizza Hut bag containing three large pizzas and 20 buffalo wings. Kimberly stated that the subject took off running behind the 1800 building at which time she ran to her vehicle and called 911.

The investigation is continuing. If you have any information, Please call Investigator Joe Williams at 678-486-1234.