Found this article from the Macon Telegraph, that listed one former Douglas County teacher who cheated on the standardized test:

Sandra Thompson, a Bibb County teacher, had a violation for a testing irregularity four years ago while she was working in Douglas County. According to the professional standards commission, Thompson erased and changed answers on students’ answer sheets and advised students of answers on a state exam. Thompson had her teaching license suspended for six months, according to the standards commission.

She tried to tell the paper that she didn’t change answers:

In an e-mail response to The Telegraph, Thompson said, “While I did inadvertently erase some answers on the students’ answer sheets, this was only an effort to clean up the sheets and erase stray marks. I re-bubbled the exact same answers that the students had marked. I had no intent to gain an unfair advantage on the test or to violate any of the testing rules.”

They also included a list of 228 teachers who were caught cheating on a standardized test.  They don’t list the county they teach in (many were only suspended, not fired) so I don’t know if any were from Douglas County.

Only SIX MONTHS?  Was this too lenient?